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When an old person dies it’s like a library burning. - Alex Haley

Welcome to I had a happy Productions (IHAH), a full-service literary management firm launched by authors. We encourage writers to become published authors, to share their story. We provide the personal and professional guidance to make it happen.

Young, old, we all have a story inside of us to tell, making us all storytellers. When responding to the common question, "How was your day?", we tell a story. That story may be joyous, sad, inspirational, traumatic, humorous, or some other theme. Our answer may be a sequel to yesterday's story or a prequel of somethong more to come. Our daily narrative is simply a paragraph or maybe only a sentence in our life's story and yet it can also be turning point in the story of our life. Sometimes we look forward to sharing our circadian narrative, other times we incarcerate it within ourselves, only to possibly free it at some later date.

Sharing stories, or storytelling, is as old as humanity itself and is part of every culture. The methods and modes have changed but the value remains the same.

Listening to others, can take us to places we have never been, experience a world beyond on immediate surroundings. A story can make us feel the pain without owning the tragedy. It can make us feel the joy without owning the triumph. Sharing stories stengthen our connections with the world and our listeners to us. When a heart told story falls upon our ears, regardless of the theme, it moves us to become more caring, more inspiring, more driven, more thoughtful, more passionate, more loving. When a story comes from the heart, it moves us to become better people. Storytelling is powerful.

We urged you to become modern day storyteller. Your story has the power to move people beyond your arm's reach. Your story is your message into a future where you will not be. Your story is your legacy. Storytellers have become famous and even wealthy. Some are here with us today though lived centuries ago.

Let us give life to your words so you can share your story with the world.

Share Your Story

As part of our Share Your Story Project we will hold a family book signing this Fall 2017, featuring multiple authors from one family. This family of authors will share their story about their journey of writing and publishing in a panel discussion. There will be writer workshops and other resources available to inspire others to ultimately share their story. To receive updated information about this event please email your contact information to

We will assist you in giving breath to your words.

Editorial Services

We will review and edit your content to ensure your message is clearly understood.

Content Creation

We create and deliver creative and compelling content to meet your campaign (political, marketing, public relations, etc.) needs on various platforms (print, digital).


We offer a series of literary workshops for all types of writing.

  • Our Voices Series

    Our Voices Series is part of our Share Your Story Project. Our Voices is a compilation of writings from various individuals from a specific group such as educators, veterans, etc. Our Voices provides a venue for individuals to be heard, to share their thoughts and emotions. The compilation with be published and each contributoring writer will receive a copy of the published works. Contributors have the option to remain anonymous in the publish book. We will begin with Voices of Educators in this Fall with a goal to publish in 2018. If you are interested in participating, please email us @ and we will keep you abreast of our progress.

  • Interested in a Writers Group

    IHAH would like to start a Writers Group in the Northern New Jersey. If you are interested please email us and we will work with you in setting it up.

  • Interested in a Readers Club

    Interested in starting a readers/book club? Email us your name and email address and will organize it for you.

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  • Creative Minds

    Fill emptiness will meaningful verse.

    Creative Souls

    Transform pain into eloquent prose.

    Creative Visionaries

    Narrate a memorable story by how they live.

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Begin writing your story...

Whether it is a poem, short story, or a novel start writing today. Begin with a page a day. Even a paragraph is a start. Keep a pad and pencil, or a laptop readily available so you can take action when the inspiration engulfs you. You can use your mobile phone for quick notes or voice memos.

Featured Authors

  • Featured Author

    Te' Chele Johnson

    Te' Chele is currently working on her 2nd novel and sequel to her debut novel, A Family Torn was inspired by four girlfriends. One evening while reminiscing, one friend imagined what life would be like if these friends grew up as sisters. The result is a A Family Torn a humurous, yet touching novel of veiled secrets and unwavering sisterhood.

    Featured Author

    Claude Garretson

    Claude has been writing since the early 90s. He has published several poetry books with the latest book, "Loveology - A Soliquoy of a Man's Heart." being released in 2016. He is currently completing his first novel, Acquisition of Dignity which he started over 20 years ago and is planned for a 2018 release. You can read a summary and a chapter right here.

    Featured Author

    Share your story

    This should be you. It's time to share your story!

Acquisition of Dignity is a suspense novel about strategy, wealth, power, military confrontation, eternal friendship, love and deliverance. Six men who become friends during their youth at a military academy reunite after years of separation when they attend the funeral of a former loved one. They never imagined how that reunion would change their lives and set a trajectory that would shake the country and rattle the world.

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